Lauren Larkin Art
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about the artist


Lauren Larkin Art emerged from a lifelong adventure with paint & fabric, music & mountains, road trips & her dogs, of course.  Based out of Denver, CO with deep roots in Texas, Lauren tells her stories of life and love through her colorful, dreamy mixed media paintings and vibrant wood burn illustrations. 

Lauren grew up in Houston, TX and as the youngest of three girls, she was always creating and crafting with her sisters, having an artistic mom definitely helped too.  Over the years her love for making, led her into arts & crafts at camp, art club in high school and eventually majoring in Studio Art (emphasis in painting) in college at Texas Tech University.  Lauren found her groove and artistic style on the west Texas plains during her college days, which later evolved as a living artist in the front range of Denver, CO.  

While Lauren was a student of fine art, she currently specializes in colorful, vibrant, woodburned illustrations.  Her work has been described as youthful & happy, which is appropriate since she has a background as an elementary art teacher.  Her original pieces have made beautiful wall decor & paper products, including her best friend's wedding invitation.  As a longtime Etsy seller, Lauren is always keeping up with the trends & progression of this whimsical industry.  Her work is strongly inspired by music & mother nature, especially the mountains.  She creates a nice balance of organic & geometric, making her work relatable by all.